Where Can I Use My PEP Account Card

Where Can I use My PEP Account Card In South Africa – While your PEP account card offers a convenient way to shop at PEP stores, its usability extends beyond their aisles. Here’s a breakdown of where you can swipe your PEP card in South Africa. This provides you with a list of store affiliated with PEP for your convenience.

Where Can I use My PEP Account Card: A Comprehensive List of Stores

Here are PEP stores and affiliates where you can use your PEP card:

  • PEP: Naturally, your card is accepted at all PEP stores across the country.
  • Refinery: This clothing and homeware store allows purchases using your PEP card.
  • Ackermans: Shop for clothing, footwear, and homeware at Ackermans using your PEP account card.
  • Tekkie Town: Gear up for your next athletic adventure with your PEP card at Tekkie Town stores.
  • Dunns: This department store chain accepts PEP cards for various purchases.
  • ShoeCity: Find the perfect footwear for you and your family using your PEP card at ShoeCity.

Payment Options Available

It’s important to remember that your PEP account card functions primarily for store purchases at the brands mentioned above. It cannot be used for:

  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs: You cannot withdraw cash directly from your PEP account using your card.
  • Online transactions: The card is not enabled for online shopping.
  • Payments at other retailers: Apart from the listed PEP affiliates, your card won’t be accepted at other stores.

Alternatives for Managing Your PEP Account:

While your card has limitations, several other options are available for managing your PEP account:

  • In-store payments: Make payments towards your account at any PEP, Refinery, Ackermans, Shoe City, Tekkie Town, or Dunns store.
  • Mobile banking app: Use your mobile banking app to locate Tenacity Financial Services as a beneficiary and make payments electronically.
  • EFT or cash deposits: Make an EFT transfer at a bank branch or enabled ATM, or deposit cash at a cash-accepting ATM.
  • Flash Traders: Settle your account balance at participating Flash Trader locations.

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