How To Claim Avbob Cashback

How To Claim Avbob Cashback. Avbob pays back its loyal members who meet the criteria some money back. This is done because Avbob understands that life is too short thus it must be celebrated.

This option is made available to members who have not claimed in a period of five years. What gets paid back is your 5th years premium. The payment will be made to you in cash hence it is called cashback. Members who receive the cashback have the option to use the payout for their personal needs.

Avbob cashback can also be added back to the policy to increase the cover.

How To Apply For Avbob Cashback?

The member that wishes to claim must visit the nearest Avbob branch

Request a callback by sending a CALL ME SMS to 30766. There is no charge for the SMS

Alternatively the member that want to claim Avbob Cashback can call 0861 28 26 21

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