Shoprite SASSA Loans WhatsApp Number

Shoprite SASSA Loans Whatsapp number would make the process much easier and very convenient for people looking for Shoprite loan. Instead you must have your valid South African identity document and visit your nearest shoprite/checkers outlet to apply.

The loan application process at Shoprite takes only 15 minutes. You will know whether your application is approved or declined in just 24 hours.

Shoprite SASSA Loans Whatsapp Number

There doesn’t seem to be a listed and official Shoprite Loans WhatsApp number. The only contact details we have are as listed below:

Phone number 0861 346 346 and Email address:[email protected]

Shoprite SASSA Loans Whatsapp Application

The traditional way to apply for this loan is basically online. Most people who do not have or use Whatsapp simply go online to submit their application for Shoprite SASSA Loans.

Alternatively you can use Whatsapp to apply in the comfort of your home. This simplifies the process in that the APP is actually in your mobile phone. So you basicall access Shoprite SASSA loans at your finger tips

Shoprite SASSA Loans

Shoprite is partnering with SASSA to help its beneficiaries with easily accessible loans. There are requirements set out by Shoprite that must be followed by SASSA beneficiaries when they apply for this loans. It must be made clear that SASSA does not offer loans. These loans are offered by Shoprite to individuals whose income is from SASSA.

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