TymeBank Universal Branch Code

TymeBank Universal Branch code is used when performing Electronic Funds Transfer which is commonly known as EFT. This code is used when you send an EFT to another TymeBank account. It is used in combination with the bank account into which you are transferring funds.

TymeBank is South Africa’s digital bank which is a subsidiary of FirstRand Bank. The bank was founded in year 2019 to provide different banking services. Some of its offerings are savings account, transactional accounts, insurance and loans.

What Is TymeBank Universal Branch Code?

The Universal Branch code for TymeBank is 678910

TymeBank USSD Code

If you need to send ETF to another TymeBank account using the USSD option, you must enter *120*5433#. Once you have entered this code you will just have to follow prompts.

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