IKhokha Error Codes List – Card Machine Codes

IKhokha error codes. Here is the list of all error codes that you are likely to come accross when using an IKhokha card machine for your transactions. These appear when your machine fails to complete a payment transaction. We have published this list to help up understand and solve some of these problems and get … Read more

Capitec SASSA Loan Online Application

Capitec SASSA Loans – is it not interesting that many people get on the internet to look for Capitec SASSA loans. Most of people who are looking for this type of loans from Capitec are SASS beneficiaries. They see the income they get from social grant as their income. Capitec SASSA Loans Guide Capitec bank … Read more

How To Apply For FNB Temporal Loan

FNB temporal loan is almost like the payday loans in that they are offered to you and you have to pay back when the next pay comes into your bank account. They are made available to FNB customers who have an active FNB Cheque account or Easy account. The age restriction attached to FNB temporal … Read more

How To Claim Avbob Cashback

How To Claim Avbob Cashback. Avbob pays back its loyal members who meet the criteria some money back. This is done because Avbob understands that life is too short thus it must be celebrated. This option is made available to members who have not claimed in a period of five years. What gets paid back … Read more