BFS Loans Alexandra

BFS Loans Alexandra – Barko Financial Services (BFS) provides loans to loan seekers who apply online for help. People around and nearby Alexandra who find themselves in a difficult position financially can approach BFS and get assisted. Personal loans can be used for any personal need including groceries, school fees, transport and even fuel for your car. … Read more

Miloc Loans Springs

Miloc Loans Springs offers assistance with payday loan or a medium term loan of up to 6 months. Any person who finds himself/herself in a tight corner and needs a loan can approach Miloc to apply. You will be asked to produce the following documents to Miloc that are needed to process your loan application: … Read more

Cash Loans In Alexandra

Cash Loans In Alexandra – Alexandra has a number of cash loans service providers. These are registered with the National Credit Regulator of South Africa. If you reside in Alex and you wish to apply for a personal loan, check one closer to you. To submit your personal cash loan application you must provide the … Read more

Mashonisa In Alexandra

Mashonisa in Alexandra – lenders who are known as mashonisa are basically private lenders that will assist you get a loan. If you are in Alexandra and you are looking for mashonisa, you might be lucky to get help without having to travel too far. People with bad credit record can also be assisted by … Read more