RCS Blacklisted Loans

RCS Blacklisted Cash Loans

RCS Blacklisted Loans – Many people find themselves unable to go to their banks to request a loan. Often than not this is caused by the fact that they are blacklisted. This results in what is commonly termed bad credit record which prevents you from accessing credit facilities.

RCS Blacklisted Loans Demand

People get online to look for different type of loans in South Africa. One of the loans they look for is RCS backlisted loans throughout the country. RCS is known for helping many people with store cards, loans and insurance.

Loans From RCS

Here is what RCS can help you with:

  • A cash loan up to R250 000
  • Application process that is paperless
  • Feedback in just few minutes
  • When approved, money in your bank account within 24 hours
  • Flexible loans repayment terms; choose from 12 to 60 months
  • Free monthly statement via email or SMS
  • Customer Protection Insurance
  • Interest rate charged is as low as 15%

Does RCS Blacklisted Loans Exist?

RCS is registered with the National Credit Regular which enables it to offer loans in a more responsible way. The NCR was constituted in terms of the National Credit Act of South Africa which provides guidance in terms of how loans must be offered to applicants.

Unfortunately RCS does not extend its credit services to blacklisted individuals in South Africa. This does not mean that you are left in the dry land. There are many options of lenders who are more than prepared to help blacklisted people who are looking for a loan.

Below are Loan Service Providers for Blacklisted: