Capitec Loans For Blacklisted

Capitec bank offers a wide range of credit solutions including personal loans which are awarded to qualifying people. More people get online to look for Capitec loans for blacklisted people. Unfortunately there are no such loans offered by Capitec. There is a criteria set out by the bank against which applications are weighed.

Capitec operates under the guidance of the National Credit Act and follows its requirements when offering personal loans. Capitec supports lending that is responsible.

Capitec Loans For Blacklisted People

Most people are not aware if they are blacklisted by the credit beaurea. Some believe that they are even if they are not. We encourage people who are not aware of their status to check before they submit their applications. Capitec will perform credit check using your ID number. Your score will determine whether you get assisted or not.

Capitec offers personal loans up to the maximum of R250 000. The repayment period of your loan is 48 months.

Loan Application Requirements At Capitec

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