Orange Cash Loans, Vereeniging

Orange Cash Loans (Vereeniging)

Orange Cash Loans Vereeniging. For people in Vereeniging who find themselve in a tight corner. If you are looking for a personal loan you can visit Orange.

You will sign an agreement at Orange Cash Loans if you are approved. The agreement will have repayment term for your loan as an Vereeniging resident.

Your application for a loan at Orange Cash Loans will require a 3 months bank statement. You must also produce your latest payslip and your ID in Vereeniging.

Orange Cash Loans Vereeniging Contact Details

Just visit the Shop No.4 Lorsons Building, 15 Kruger Avenue, Vereeniging, 1939, South Africa to submit your applicaton. The phone number that you must use is: 016 422 6473


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