Finbond SASSA Loans

Finbond SASSA Loans are type of loans that are offered to SASSA recipients who receive their monies via Finbond. The loan amount you can get ranges from R500 upwards. If you loan is approved the money will be deposited by Finbond into your account into which SASSA pays.

Finbond SASSA Loans Advantages

Finbond has helped many South African who find themselves running short on money for personal needs. A loan from Finbond to SASSA beneficiaries is not different from any other loan. It can be used for your personal needs. These can range from groceries, burial schemes, stockvels and more.

Another advantage of Finbond SASSA loans is the fixed interest rate. It does not change! The process to apply for the loan is kept as short as possible. Your approval will also be sped up so that you get your money when you still need it.

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