DSTV Error Codes E143-4 – How To Clear or Fix Them?

DSTV Error Codes E143-4 – it is very frustrating when you try to watch your DSTV channels with your family or friends and error codes e143-4 appear on your screen. Surely something is not wroking well with your decoder. The first instinct is to obviously try and fix it yourself. If that fails you try to contact DSTV service centre.

Meaning of Error Codes E143-4

This error often appears when there is more than one view and it tends to appear on secondary view and not the primary. It means that there is no communication coming from the primary decoder. The notification pops up on secondary and extra view.

How To Fix DSTV Error Codes E143-4?

Like we just stated, the error codes E143-4 tells you that there is something wrong about communication. The primary decoder (slave) is not getting a signal from the primary (master).

In order to attempt to fix this error code you need to check whether cabling from primary decoder is correctly setup and connects to the secondary DSTV decoder.

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