Credit Card Loan

Credit card loan It’s a form of revolving credit, which gives you the flexibility to access (up to a) specific amount at your discretion. The benefits are: You get a 55 day interest-free* window period to pay back the amount owed. Immediate access to money and good for everyday purchases.

When you apply for a credit card, you get instant access to money as often as you like, up to a certain amount. You pay off the outstanding balance or minimum monthly repayment each month and access the money again.

Best Credit Cards in South Africa

  • Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card.
  • Virgin Money Credit Cards.
  • Nedbank Platinum Credit Card.
  • African Bank Gold Credit Card.
  • FNB Gold Credit Card.
  • Capitec Credit Card.
  • ABSA Student Credit Card.
  • Standard Bank Gold Credit.
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