Atlas Finance Durban

Atlas Finance Durban – Atlas Finance provides loans to individuals who apply online for assistance. People around Durban who find themselves in a difficult position financially can approach Atlas Finance and get assisted. Personal loans can be used for any personal need including groceries, school fees, transport and even fuel for your car.

People who are applying for the loan at Atlas Finance can get a loan from minimum of R200 and up to R8 000 loan. Atlas Finance application has been made easy. You must just produce your ID, payslip and 3 months bank statement.

Atlas Finance is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 46412) and registered credit provider (NCR CP 3994), founded in year 1994. Atlas Finance cash loan Durban grants its loans in strict compliance with NCR.

Atlas Finance Durban Contact Details

Atlas Finance loans has 6 branches in Durban and they all provide similar service:

Branch 1

Physical Address: Shop 38, Broadwalk Arcade, 80 Broad Street, Durban

Contact Number: 087 701 1049

Email Address: [email protected]

Branch 2

Physical Address: Shop 11, 52 Queencity arcade, Durban

Contact Number: 087 702 1211

Email Address: [email protected]

Branch 3

Physical Address: Suite 106A Doone House, 369 Anton Lembede Street, Durban

Contact Number: 087 701 3826

Email Address: Not Applicable

Branch 4

Physical Address: Shop 52, Mercury Lane, Old Mutual Building, Durban

Contact Number: 087 701 2736

Email Address: [email protected]

Branch 5

Physical Address: Shop Wsh045 Delta Towers, 303 dr, Pixley KaSeme Street, Durban 4001

Contact Number: 087 702 2858

Email Address: Not Applicable

Branch 6

Physical Address: Shop 2 103 Mercury house, 320 Smith Street, Durban

Contact Number: 087 701 2736

Email Address: [email protected]

Loans Application Requirements (Durban)

Before you approach one of two branches Atlas Finance cash loans Durban branches please make sure that you have your three months banking statement, ID and your proof of income (payslip).

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