How Do I Claim on Funeral Cover

Funeral cover is a policy that assist you in keeping money aside for when there is death of your loved one, you are then able to claim the money to bury your loved one. Losing a loved one is never easy and it is even more difficult when you do not have the money to give them a dignified burier.

The funeral cover (policy) gives you the relief of being able to bury your loved one with dignity.

There are four simple steps one needs to follow and do when claiming on funeral cover:

Report the death of your loved one

Once your loved one has been declared dead by the medical practitioner, you must report the death at Home Affairs and/or at your funeral parlour. At Home Affairs they will give you a form that you will be filled-in by the following people:

  • The person reporting the death
  • Department of Home Affairs Official
  • A medical practitioner

After the death is registered, the Department of Home Affairs will issue a Death Certificate. An abridged death certificate will be issued the same day.

Documents required when claiming funeral cover

Without the following documents your funeral cover claim will not be successful.

  • Certified ID copy of the deceased
  • Certified copies of the deceased beneficiary(ies), the the beneficiary(ies) is younger than 18 years, the birth certificate is sufficiant
  • Proof of Banking Details for the beneficiary, please note the proof must be signed and stamped
  • Stamped bank statement that is not older than three months

Complete the form from your funeral cover company

The company that has your funeral cover (policy) must then issue you a claim form and beneficiary form for you to complete and submit it with all the required docuements. There might be more additional documents that may be needed depeding on the type of death.

List of companies offering funeral covers
  • Assopol Funeral Cover
  • Asafrican Funeral Cover
  • Outsurance Funeral Cover
  • Liberty Funeral Cover
  • Hollard Funeral Cover
  • Metropolitan Funeral Cover
  • Clientele Funeral Cover
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