Smart Cash Loans Bizana

Smart Cash Loans Bizana helps people with short-term personal loans which they can use for personal needs. The loan repayment term is from 1 up to six months. You can also get a 30 days loan and SASSA loan from Smart Cash Loan. They can be used for any of your personal needs like groceries, drivers licence, studies and more.

Smart Cash Loans Bizana Contact Details

Address: 22 Main Street, Bizana, 4800

Phone number: 039 251 0129 / 082 577 6366

Smart Cash Loans Benefits

  • Quick application process
  • Same day payout
  • Immediate qualification

Loan Application Requirements

  • Your original ID
  • Your original payslip
  • Your 3 months bank statement

Smart Cash Loans accept applications from SASSA beneficiaries who reside around Bizana and surrounding areas.