African Bank Personal Loan Up To R350 000

African Bank is one of South Africa’s major bank that offers a variety of financial products including personal loans. You can get a personal loan up to R350 000 from African Bank of South Africa.

If you apply for a loan up to R350 000 and you get approved, below is the breakdown of your repayments and the term:

  • Type of a loan: personal loan
  • Capital loan amount: R350 000
  • Interest rate: it ranges from 15% up to 24% per year
  • Repayment term/period: 7 months up to 6 years

If you are shopping for a personal loan of a sum up to R350 000, African Bank can offer you the amount plus flexible repayment terms compared to other lenders.

Consolidate Your Debt Using Capitec Personal Loan

One of the advanttages of taking a personal loans from African Bank is that you can use it to consolidate all your debts. This allows you to take a single loan to settle other loans or debt you might have. The good thing about consolidation loan is that you will now be paying for a single debt instead of multiple.