Mashonisa In Tembisa

Mashonisa Loan Sharks In Tembisa – Whenever we run into financial problems and we need help, a loan including Mashonisa loan in Tembisa. Because of pressure we tend to lack time to do a proper search until we get a lender suitable for our needs.

There are many Mashonisa loans in Tembisa competing with those regsitered with the National Credit Regulator. The purpose of the registration is to operate in a regulated environment while offering financial assistance.

Mashonisa Loan In Tembisa (Loans Sharks)

Loans by Mashonisa loans sharks are often not the safest option that is available in the market like in Tembisa. It is always better to deal with lenders that are registered. Mashonisa which are commonly known as loan shark are not regulated and some tend to take advantage of people. There are horrible stories we hear everyday from Tembisa residents including confiscation of bank cards and IDs.

We advise Tembisa residents to rather deal with lenders that are regulated by the NCR so that you are safe. The interest charged on your loan is also regulated with the intention to protect you.

Disadvantages of Borrowing From Loan Sharks

There are not set of rules that is adopted by Mashonisa which leaves you exposed to risk. The loan you get charged on a loan by Tembisa ones is sometimes too high which makes it harder to repay it. Most people end up opting for a Mashonisa loan because their only option bad credit loans because of their record.

The fact is that you will end up paying more of have you bank card and ID confiscated if you do not stick to registered lenders

What Are The Alternatives of Mashonisa Loans Sharks In Tembisa?

Because the main reason why many Tembisa people end up looking for a mashonisa is bad credit record, it is recommended that you think about whether it is not worth it to improve your record.

Sometimes you might find it much easier to improve your credit record before you start the process of borrowing. Some lenders will need you to produce a letter indicating that you have settled debts causing your bad record.

Consider approaching the Tembisa lenders listed below before you opt for mashonisa loans sharks

Cash Loans Around Tembisa

Wen Cash Loans

Address: 3915 Algeria Rd, Tswelopele, Tembisa, 1629

Contact Number: 061 423 6677

Working Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 08:30am – 16:30pm
  • Saturday, 08:30am – 13:30pm
  • Sunday, Closed

Capricon Cash Loans

Address: Isimuku St, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, 1636

Contact Number: 068 585 8230

Working Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 09:00am – 16:30pm
  • Saturday, 09:00am – 13:30pm
  • Sunday, Closed

Motemo Cash Loans

Address: 25 Kakongo St, Leboeng, Tembisa, 1632

Contact Number: 011 027 1790

Working Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 08:00am – 18:00pm
  • Saturday, 08:00am – 16:30pm
  • Sunday, Closed

Pip Cash Loan Tembisa

Address: 1747 BP Teanong Service Station, 537 Reverend R.T.J. Namane Dr, Tlamatlama, Tembisa, 1632

Contact Number: 061 313 8973

Working Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 09:00am – 17:00pm
  • Saturday, 09:00am – 15:00pm
  • Sunday, Closed

Finapital Cash Loans

Address: CNR ANGEL FISH ROAD, Ebony Park, Tembisa, 1685

Contact Number: 073 092 0946

Working Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 09:00am – 16:30pm
  • Saturday, 09:00am – 13:30pm
  • Sunday, Closed