How To Update BBBEE Certificate on CSD

The process of updating your B-BBEE certificate on the CSD (Central Supplier Database) is relatively straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Documents Needed To Update BBBEE Certificate on CSD

  1. Gather Required Documents: Before you begin, ensure you have the necessary documents at hand. These typically include:
    • Your company’s B-BBEE certificate
    • Your company’s registration documents (CIPC CK certificate or equivalent)
    • Your company’s latest financial statements
    • Your company’s ownership information
    • Your company’s employment equity information
  2. Access the CSD Portal: Visit the CSD website ( and log in using your company’s registered profile credentials.
  3. Navigate to B-BBEE Update Section: Once logged in, locate the “B-BBEE Update” section or tab on the CSD portal. This section may be labeled differently depending on the specific portal layout.
  4. Initiate B-BBEE Update Request: Within the B-BBEE Update section, click on the option to “Initiate B-BBEE Update Request.” This will typically open a form or provide instructions for submitting your update request.
  5. Upload Required Documents: Attach or upload the necessary documents you gathered in step 1. Ensure you follow the specified file formats and size limitations.
  6. Review and Submit Information: Carefully review all the information you have provided, including the uploaded documents. Once you’re confident in the accuracy of the information, submit the B-BBEE update request.
  7. Monitor Processing Status: Track the status of your B-BBEE update request within the CSD portal. You may receive notifications or updates as the CSD processes your request.
  8. Download Updated Certificate: Once the CSD has processed your update request and verified the information, you should be able to download the updated B-BBEE certificate from the CSD portal.

Remember that the specific steps and procedures may vary slightly depending on the CSD portal interface and updates. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, you can contact the CSD helpdesk for assistance.

The Central Supplier Database (CSD) is a centralized repository of information on suppliers in South Africa. It is managed by the National Treasury and is used by government departments and organs of state to procure goods and services.

Purpose of the CSD

The CSD serves several important purposes, including:

  • Promoting transparency and accountability in public procurement: By centralizing supplier information, the CSD makes it easier for government agencies to find qualified and reliable suppliers. This helps to ensure that taxpayer money is being spent wisely and that procurement processes are fair and transparent.
  • Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): The CSD provides a platform for SMEs to register with the government and showcase their capabilities. This can help SMEs to win government contracts and grow their businesses.
  • Empowering black economic empowerment (BEE) entities: The CSD tracks and promotes the participation of BEE entities in government procurement. This helps to level the playing field and create opportunities for historically disadvantaged businesses.

How the CSD Works

Suppliers can register with the CSD online or in person at a government office. Once registered, suppliers must provide and update their information on a regular basis. This information includes:

  • Company details
  • Contact information
  • Products and services offered
  • BEE status
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Financial statements

Government departments and organs of state can search the CSD to find suppliers that meet their specific needs. They can also use the CSD to request quotes and place orders.

Benefits of the CSD

The CSD offers several benefits to both suppliers and government agencies:


  • Increased access to government procurement opportunities
  • Improved visibility and credibility
  • Reduced administrative burden

Government agencies:

  • Improved procurement efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduced risk of fraud and corruption
  • Increased support for SMEs and BEE entities

Overall, the CSD plays a vital role in promoting transparency, accountability, and fairness in public procurement in South Africa.