Hao Cash Loans

Hao Cash Loans offers short-term loans to individuals who apply for assistance. This is one of South Africa’s microlenders willing to help even those with bad credit record. Hao operates branches in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng province.

Loan Application Requirements – Hao Cash Loans

In order to qualify for a loan from Hao you must meet these requirements listed below:

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • You must be older than 18 years of age
  • Be in possession of a valid South Africa ID book or card
  • Be employed with a steady income
  • Be able to produce proof of residence

How Much Can You Borrow From Hao Cash Loans?

The important aspect of borrowing is affordibility. The amount that you qualify for depends on whether you will be able to repay your loan according to terms agreed on. Your income is an important factor that is taken into consideration when calculating your affordibility. Additionally Hao will look at your credit history.

The maximum loan that you can borrow, depending on your income is R10 000. The interest charged on your loan is 20% of the capital debt. Since these are short-term loans, the repayment period is 30 days.

Hao Cash Loans Advantages

  • Your loan application approval is quick
  • The application process is made easy
  • No credit check is performed when you apply
  • You can borrow very small amounts

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